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2016 May Archive - 100 Good Things


Don’t miss this Artisan & Farmers Market

  • by 100 Good Things
  • May 16th, 2016
  • 2016, May

We are a little obsessed with agriculture. Where our food hails from. How it’s farmed, nurtured and processed. We have a lot of respect for the love and care that go into tending something that eventually nourishes us. Only because we understand food is medicine and we understand the impact of food on the body.

Being in this business, championing sustainability, we have become all too aware of all aspects of the business and its impact on everything that lives and breathes.

We have become hyper aware of our interconnectivity.

Sustainability is crucial to optimal health and getting that right in agriculture is the first step to ensure it will happen everywhere else. Agricultural sustainability alone addresses climate change, pollution, and social and economic issues.

The day will happen when we can walk into a store and afford to buy all the organically grown produce available, instead of limiting to less expensive items in the Dirty Dozen list.  My dear, we cannot afford to buy organic berries daily.

One day, “organic” is the natural and only option, and is afforable because there is equal demand and supply. We do not have to worry about our children growing up ingesting endocrine-disrupting chemicals and unsavory byproducts that are processed and sneakily turning up in our personal care products.

Meanwhile, we buy from progressive businesses who care about the things that get us all fired up. Trust us, we can ramble on when it comes to what sustains us: Food (and yoga).

Guess what? We find more and more likeminded souls and businesses out there who understand that the green movement is beyond chucking our crap to Third World countries and recycling something to death.

Mark your calendar. We are all going to be at Kitchen by Food Rebel.

Artisan & Farmers Market-Saturday 4th June11am - 4pm (2)

There will be fresh farm produce (or farm-fresh produce?), lovingly crafted healthy treats, green lifestyle products and of course, we will be there peddling our raw forest honey and Kampot peppercorn.

It’s also an opportunity to sample more food at Kitchen by Food Rebel in smaller portions. Don’t miss their popular Zoodle Bolognese, quinoa salad and avocado on toast.

Elika Mather is one of the brains behind Kitchen by Food Rebel in the heart of the business district. She, a human resource executive-turned-health coach-turned-restaurateur, calls herself a Food Rebel.

What or who is a food rebel? He is not the kid who refuses to eat his broccoli. Mather says he is somebody who demands to know how his food produced. He believes in the power of good food choices that impact his body positively.

Kitchen by Food Rebel was born in the recent January, out of a need for clean eating options in the business district. Beyond salad bars, Mather’s clients struggled to find meals in the CBD that met her recommendations.

Zoodle Bolognese

Zoodle Bolognese

“An entry level health-conscious person eating the typical Standard American Diet (SAD) will be happy that none of the foods are deep fried and we only use extra virgin olive oil or organic virgin coconut oil, as well as Himalayan rock salt which is extremely high in minerals. The next level up will be used to boring salads, with hidden sugars in the dressings, so we ensure all our dressings are homemade, utilizing fresh local herbs and fragrances like lemongrass and lime leaves. We do daily tummy warmers that, like everything in our café, have no added white sugars, preservatives or monosodium glutamate and are made fresh daily. We soak our grain and nuts which are also dehydrated to ensure they are easier to digest.”

The focus is on clean, nutrient-dense eating. There are meat-free Mondays, and plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dining options. Her café addresses common health issues that she, as an accredited health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, tackles. Through functional nutrition, Mather’s clients, mostly time-pressed professionals and executives, eat their way out of insomnia, fatigue, sugar craving and weight issues, on top of a physical activity regime.

These are some tricks the lean and energetic Mather subscribes to:

Staying in shape
I do three weightlifting sessions a week. I try to do 10 minutes of yoga in the morning on the days I don’t train and especially if I have a busy mind. If I’m looking to be in “bikini shape” then I add a big intensity sprint workout to my session.

One superfood to eat daily
Avocado. It’s a great source of good fats to teach our body to utilize its preferred energy source. It’s versatile for creamy sauces, smoothies or just sliced with eggs and it’s brilliant for nutrients to help clear the skin.

One underrated food to consume daily
Maca powder. It’s a brilliant tool for women to balance their hormones naturally. It’s used in South America to give strength to the body and has a caramel taste so I love to add it to smoothies on tough training days.

One health tip for the busy urban warrior that will make a difference to his wellbeing
Sleep! It’s the foundation of our health. Ensure you average eight hours every night.

Three must-dos daily for optimal health
Sleep, drink plenty of water and take in as many greens as possible to help your body to remove toxins.

Happy Mother’s Day

  • by 100 Good Things
  • May 8th, 2016
  • 2016, May

Mother's Day

When you are a mother,
you are never really alone in your thoughts.
A mother always has to think twice,
once for herself
and once for her child.
– Sophia Loren

Mother’s Day is as much about honoring our own as it is about shining the light on all mothers and especially our producers who tirelessly pour themselves into work, including unpaid domestic hours that stretch far longer than their husband’s, to pave the way for a future for their children.

While First World mothers fret and lose precious sleep over extra curricular activities and optimal nutrition for their children, the less privileged women we work with are content to have food on the table and money for medical and school fees. The work they do, in a safe environment that honors their individuality, goes a long way in keeping alive a motherly wish of watching her children flourish.

And thank YOU for buying fairly traded merchandise so the women 100 Good Things works with can continue dignified hours of work.

The social enterprises and progressive businesses we source from are focused on empowerment and economic stability. Lending women financial independence ultimately gives them a voice that is still a cultural anomaly in less developed nations and certainly former conflict zones.

Mother’s Day celebrates the mother who so naturally places the needs of her child above her own, even in the most challenging circumstances.

The light in us honors the light in you.