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2016 July Archive - 100 Good Things


Back to center

  • by 100 Good Things
  • July 4th, 2016
  • 2016, July

Back to Center flyer

For decades, I struggled to find equanimity. The elusive point of balance where one can be content and happy at where one is. This state of mind which Buddhists call nirvana disregards the chaos and imperfections that exist outside the physical body.

I read a ton, pored through books from major religions, practiced traditional Eastern arts and dug deep into alternative practices that most will consider woo-hoo. The more I resisted, the further nirvana eluded me. The greater the distance to the light I was chasing.

The answers came fast and furiously the day I rediscovered yoga. When I got onto the [yoga] mat, the mat became my mirror, reflecting every single neurosis.

How I moved on the mat was a reflection of how I lived my life.

Yoga, defined as a union of the body, mind and spirit, allowed me to see I was living the three as if they were disparate entities.

When the shift happened, not only could I see myself clearly, I saw every single sentient being in me. How different and similar we all are. How we all desire the same things yet in the middle of the noise we lose ourselves in, we lose connecting to the thumping heart that is naturally peace-loving, a heart that is capable of being our own teacher and healer.

On the mat, I see that we lose our center when we are caught in the rigidity of daily routine that revolves around work and sometimes stressful home life. Inexplicable rage, mindless violence, health issues, these are all manifestations of our disconnectedness.

When diseases strike, we no longer have the wisdom to heal ourselves. We have simply forgotten how to do it.

To cite one example, a city dweller’s perennial upper back tightness is highly likely due to the inordinate amount of the time spent at the desk. Fatigue inevitably sets in and over time, the ache becomes an inflammation that has to be addressed with an onslaught of prescription medication and sometimes expensive treatments that tackle these painful symptoms.

These are woefully inadequate quick fixes.

Yet self-awareness goes to the root of this ache and is a more sustainable solution. Your physical discomfort is completely necessary because it carries a very important message.

The body is pleading for consciousness. It wants you to get up, shift and flow. It wants you to remember the miracle of inhalation and exhalation. It thrives on a diet of real food that is a natural medicine.

In my other life as a travel and wellness writer for international travel publications, I have been touched by so many teachers I meet on my path to super consciousness. They, and the teachers I subconsciously attract, continue to shape me.

I come from a place of gratitude and see that I am at a very good place to connect you to experiences that will set you up on this journey of living with your eyes, heart and mind wide open.

In this workshop, I want us to stop at where we are, set aside our cerebral side and feel the goings-on in the body. There are no names of diseases and chemicals to memorize. There is another time and place for those who embrace these things.

Specifically designed for busy city dwellers, this workshop equips you with awareness and self-care tools you can expand into all areas of your life for balanced living.

I want us to acquire one skill: The art of tuning into the body. 

♥ You will understand balance and identify imbalances from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

♥ You will know how to reach out to essential oils that have been blended to TCM principles for self-care.

♥ You will learn how to quiet your mind and feel your breath.

♥ You will move your body in classic yoga poses that are truly sustainable for your home practice and health.






Carena is a practitioner of Tao-In, a fusion of Chinese-, Indian- and Tibetan-style yoga. She is formally schooled in various forms of complementary medicine including Tung’s Acupuncture, aromatherapy, aromatherapy massage, Macrobiotic Shiatsu and TCM Food Cures. As a descendant of a long line of acupuncturists and herbalists, she is intimately familiar with the wisdom of harnessing nature for optimal health.

Fabrice crop



Fabrice is a businessman, aka corporate warrior, who has been practicing yoga and meditation for 15 years. He is well aware of the rigors of boardroom combat and the wisdom of equilibrium. His teaching style is as steady and firm as his daytime suit-and-tie persona. He takes the practitioner through basic yet strong poses and has a knack for translating the most complex poses into every man’s language.



I am all set to manifest a personal dream to create a more conscious planet,

and I want to take you with me.

If not now, when?


Om Shanti,


Founder, 100 Good Things