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2017 April Archive - 100 Good Things


Spring reset

  • by 100 Good Things
  • April 21st, 2017
  • 2017, April

In Vrksasana the Tree pose, you root to rise. All corners of your feet remain firmly planted on the mat; your arms, like branches of a tree, grow to reach skyward.

How you move on the mat is how you live your life off the mat. When the sand beneath is shifting, how do you ride the storm like a Vrksasana warrior?

This thing called Life offers many opportunities to hone precious teachings from the mat, to learn to breathe through the crests and troughs. Only because the universe will always send you the exact experiences you need.

In lesser words, Pema Chodron so succinctly said, “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”

When a tsunami threatens to rattle your entire being, you ground deeper to find a point of equanimity within.

Life always offers opportunities to rise again. Oh yeah, #newbeginnings, one of our favorite Instagram hashtags.

Pardon the hibernation, this bear indulged in a too-delicious slumber way past the winter season.

Spring has long sprung. And the foliage ahead looks pretty astounding.

Our judiciously sourced lifestyle products are now retailed at Singapore’s first all-sustainable, multi-label lifestyle boutique FoliAge. The store at United Square Shopping Mall next to Novena MRT station (unit 01-58; open daily 10:45am-8:45pm) is brought to you by the wonderful people behind Zhai bamboo wear fashion boutique.

Every piece of in-store furniture is a mindful statement in sustainability: They are creatively repurposed from the now-closed Zhai store on Haji Lane or upcycled from wine crates and wood pallets. Even the shop’s sign came from a piece of wood found on the street.

Our fairly and sustainably made cushion covers, totes, necklaces and bracelets are all there, alongside a dozen socially conscious brands including Zhai, NeisHaus, Taiken Sonzai, Girl with a Radio Mind, August Society and Matter.

You know what? Together, we are stronger. Together, our collective voices are louder.

The future is conscious living.