100 Good Things is an ethical- and sustainability-minded brand rooted in equality.

It is founded on the belief that
commerce, style and social responsibility
can coexist.



We procure with care, consciousness and understanding. Our handmade items are judiciously sourced from progressive companies who share similar values rooted in equality, sustainability and social responsibility.

We work with social enterprises and visionary businesses with a big heart, and central to this is, we care about the people who produce the goods for us.

This means, we like employers who provide fair wages and safe working environs. We reach out to stay-at-home-parents and subsistence farmers who appreciate some income so their children can go to school. We like to know who made our goods as much as we like to know where and how they were made. Certainly you will find we have a penchant for minimally processed merchandise (hello raw honey and three-ingredient soap!) and we think upcycling can be pretty fashion forward, too.

By choosing ethical and sustainable, we are making an important statement. We like to think the strength of our collective voices can make a difference.


Conscious consumption = conscious living.

Natural equation, isn’t it?

We work with well-being experts to bring you workshops and retreats. Sometimes we just need a little professional nudge to set us on the right path.

We like to think if this lifestyle has transformed you, you will be inspired to create change, too.