Back to basics

  • by 100 Good Things
  • August 18th, 2015
  • 2015, August

Anahata Yoga

I found myself in a basic yoga class one morning and really embracing the poses and sequence my French teacher had put together. His instructions were clear, concise and laced with a wry humor only the French knew how.

Returning to the basics reminds me yoga is neither about showing off your arm-balancing prowess nor about Instagrammable moments.

Being completely present as you mindfully straighten your alignment elicits a sense of grounding and stillness. Slowing down lets in a spaciousness that can be cathartic. Change can only happen when you make space.

For most of us, we need to consciously and conscientiously remind ourselves to bring that awareness to daily living so the calm we find on that mat won’t be as fleeting as sensual pleasures. On days when I am too caught up in nailing that peacock pose, I miss the bigger message, what yoga calls vidya, or clear seeing. It is a good day when your limbs can fly and the stars above are in perfect alignment. It is a good day when customers are lining up to buy your goods and a s**** day when nothing moves.

How can our state of being be so dependent on external stimuli, on what goes on outside? Returning to the fundamentals allow you to cultivate an inner steadiness. There is tremendous power in knowing you can lean onto your own strength in moments of vulnerability.

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