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Buy less, buy better - 100 Good Things

Buy less, buy better

  • by 100 Good Things
  • June 17th, 2015
  • June

upcycled bag


Work brought me to Phnom Penh recently. Apart from making it a point to check out the local yoga scene, happily, I had pockets of time to window-shop and gain a sense of what’s on-trend in the Cambodian capital. What I saw left me mortified and guilty as charged.

In the name of fast fashion and perfectionism, fabric waste left on the cutting room floor was enough, I suspected, to power an entire upcycling industry. Enterprising young designers were refashioning redundant textiles from garment factories into fashion accessories, apparel and statement homewares.

This means no one bag is the same, only because what the designer and her team of hardworking workers can produce are dependent on what can be salvaged from textile factory floors. Every fashionable boutique worth its threads had found creative means to rework such awful lot of textile remnants into a covetable piece of cushion over, shawl, bag, apparel, you name it.

Some of these stylish fashion and home accessories are sitting on the shelves of 100 Good Things. To me, they are a constant reminder of how I should always make a purchase decision: Buy less, buy better, even better if I can repurpose my resources. I am inspired to be a more conscious consumer.

To purchase some of these fashionable upcycled fashion accessories and homewares, visit 100 Good Things store.


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