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Green is the new black

We try our best to live by a green manifesto at home: Something will be junked only if it cannot be reused, repaired or upcycled. This essentially means we have really old things sitting around waiting for a second lease of life because, frankly, anybody juggling the demands of a fulltime job and parenthood knows that time is short every single second. It’s more fun to be out there enjoying the sea breeze then being stuck at home stitching up a pair of old socks.

We all have the best intentions, so they say. When we saw, firsthand, bales and bales of textile remnants from Cambodia’s garment industry, which is still the backbone of the country’s economy, we were truly mortified our insatiable demand for fast fashion is not doing the planet any favors. We thought we could and should repurpose what’s left from the cutting room floor. Does your home need new pillow covers? Why buy new when you can refashion with existing resources?

We decided to make pillow covers from fabric that, in our wretchedly untrained eyes, still look pretty perfect. We had so much fun mixing and matching colors and prints with Vichara, a self-taught seamstress we have grown rather fond of. If you have not read her story from our previous blog, the widow is now able to send her 12-year-old to English classes, thanks to her employment with a progressive company that provides her with good wages and flexible working hours, benefits unheard of in many garment factories. For Third World citizens who reside at our backyard, English language is the ticket to a better life.

We have incorporated piping for a plush touch.


There are no zips on our pillow covers because we think they are safer for our young children (plus being stabbed by a zip fastener is no fun). Then we waited, with bated breath, for our pillow covers to arrive.

We are absolutely delighted to see the fine handiwork of Vichara and her two mute colleagues. We are launching these lovely pillow covers at Green is the New Black, a festival celebrating conscious living. We will be there with dozens of conscious businesses.

Remember our pillow covers are sewn from excess fabric from garment factories. We are unable to repeat these designs once we are done with whatever we are left with. Which makes them all the more beautiful.

See you at Green is the New Black:
Nov 28th, Saturday
11am – 8pm
The Working Capitol
1 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089109


Three ideas for honey lovers

Raw forest honey

Tell you a secret. We were never honey worshipers until we tasted the raw honey we now carry at our store. This honey comes from bees that forage in the wild, in the forest of remote Northeastern Laos. The environs are untainted by pollution of any sorts and the honey is harvested by members of one industrious family, who like most locals, rely largely on subsistence farming for survival.

This honey goes straight from the hives to the jar, with some filtration by hand in between, of course. Neither mechanical process nor heat is introduced so the goodness of raw honey is intact.

Income from the sale of this honey has helped pay for medical bills, school fees and motorbike fuel.

Our favorite ways to use this raw forest honey:

Combine equal parts lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, some julienned ginger, top bottle with water, add raw honey to taste. We always have a bottle of this in the refrigerator. Too much work? Add two tablespoons apple cider vinegar to water and raw honey to taste. Consume either concoction 15 minutes before meal.

Our go-to recipe at the first sign of sore throat: Water with the juice of one lemon and two tablespoons of raw honey.

Combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay, one drop lavender essential oil and one teaspoon raw honey. Leave on face for 15 minutes. Great for combination and oily skin.

Do note hot water destroys the beneficial enzymes present in raw honey. Happily, our raw honey dissolves readily in room-temperature water.

Any day with honey is a sweet day!

Our delicious raw forest honey (250g) retails for S$13.90. It is available at our Balestier Road store and Swiss Butchery on Tanglin Road.

The ethically and sustainably produced merchandise at 100 Good Things are sourced with care, consciousness and understanding.