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Hot off the kiln

How is your 2016 coming along? In season-less Singapore, we are embracing Spring Festival with a spick and span home, flowers, and of course, we see red everywhere. We don’t know about you, Chinese New Year is the only time of the year we embrace this supposedly auspicious color, albeit still rather sparingly.

CNY decor

We prefer to go bold with statement fashion accessories.

We are so thrilled to welcome new additions to our succinct fashion range. Please excuse us. It takes us slower than your regular fast fashion stores to assemble new collections or new anything. We like to think our offerings transcend the change of seasons. When we choose “timeless” over “fad,” we make conscious purchase decisions that are far more sustainable for the planet and wallet.

These necklaces are crafted from two varieties of Cambodian clay. Processing raw clay alone takes four weeks. Clay is then rolled and allowed to dry naturally. Depending on the weather, the bigger 16mm beads can take three days to dry.

This is the other thing about handmade – you can’t rush nature. We can’t emphasize enough. Our merchandise do not roll off the tables of large factories lined with sophisticated machines. Everything is crafted by hand – so two pieces are uniform – by men and women who aspire to live a life you and I have. Their work, for you, empowers and brings hope.

Everything is done in a bright, well-ventilated workshop that hires 16 young Cambodian men and women. Some women work from home. This little clay bead facility supports 20 families.

Lunch is provided and flexible working hours accommodate familial challenges. The women especially, can’t find work elsewhere as they are illiterate. Apart from being compensated fairly for their work, they work in a supportive and safe environment that allows personal and career growth. Daily English language lessons are provided in the morning, for those who want to learn it.

Surely this is one feel-good fashion accessory that takes you from the boardroom to the bar.

The ethically and sustainably produced merchandise at 100 Good Things are sourced with care, consciousness and understanding.

Setting up for 2016

Phulay Bay

One moment we were bathed in light while ringing in the New Year with a Kundalini meditation practice, another week we are rolling in Chinese New Year festivities.

We have to confess we are still in a de-cluttering mode. We want to make space for change and growth. Space allows abundance to roll into our lives.

Karen Kingston’s article on clutter clearing is one article we always re-read, only because we are human and want a constant nudge and reminder.

Our intentions, or sankalpas, are powerful tools that set the tone for the life we want to live. Forget about setting 50 resolutions. How about setting a theme for the year ahead? Align. Balance. Connect. Let go. Present. Quiet. Simplify. Contemplate on a theme and center your life around this one word.

We find it helpful to set aside a quiet moment in the morning to meditate on our intentions for the day ahead.

For those who don’t practice meditation, there are practical tools on how you can manifest your ideal life.

While we are realizing our dream life, we don’t want to forget our inner world too. Think about setting goals that are less to do with ab-strength and more with mind-strength.

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you probably are aware yoga is integral to what we do. It has provided us with tools for equanimity we seek all our lives. Yoga and nature provide the answers to everything we need to know about life, and how to best live one.

Ashtanga yoga teacher Sharmila Desai could not have said it more eloquently, “As we observe our own cycles and those in nature through the practice, we come to understand that our bodies are influenced by the earth, the moon, and the sun…,” Everything is so interconnected and interdependent “I” should stand for “inter-being.”

Have you noticed how our emotional and physical bodies feel near or on moon days? Have you noticed how energetically different are greens grown in earth versus those grown hydroponically?

Kampot green pepper

Agricultural practices actually lend a great perspective on our interconnectedness. Who would be more in tune with the cycles and changes of the seasons than farmers who toil on the fields?

Kampot pepper harvest season is under way. The farmers who painstakingly hand-harvest these peppercorns are well aware what makes Kampot pepper so special and well-loved among gourmands and decorated chefs.

Never mind it being a designer peppercorn. Kampot pepper is as much about the agriculture-perfect spot between the mountains and the sea as it is about responsible practices that are far-sighted and sustainable.

Slow agriculture, minus artificially introduced growth what-nots, is a respect to the ways of the universe. When we embrace conscious living, we allow the rhythm of nature to ebb and flow organically.

The ethically and sustainably produced merchandise at 100 Good Things are sourced with care, consciousness and understanding.

Our Kampot pepper products, along with our raw forest honey, are available at Swiss Butchery on Tanglin Road and Ryan’s Grocery in Binjai Park.