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How will you mark International Women’s Day?

  • by 100 Good Things
  • March 7th, 2016
  • 2016, March

This year’s International Women’s Day got this girlboss reflecting on how she has gone from volunteering at a women’s NGO to making parity the basis of this business. I envision a conscious world free from poverty, violence and discrimination. I dream of a world where girls and women are free to travel anywhere in the world without harm. As an ardent – and often solo – traveler, this dream is especially close to the heart.

Undeniably, women now enjoy access to education and career opportunities that were previously unimaginable. The places 100 Good Things chooses to source from were once upon a recent time conflict zones. War scars are still visible at many places. The social enterprises and visionary businesses we choose to work with are plugging the gaps in education and career with meaningful work that allows a person to dream a world beyond making ends meet.

Truthfully, I am inspired by the many women I meet in the course of work. I learn courage, resilience, perseverance and gratitude from the [yoga] mat and from these women who work against the odds to create change with their bare hands.


Our upcycled cushion covers are sewn by Kim, Vichara and Srey (pictured below, from left to right). Team leader Vichara and single mother says, “My work allows me to send my daughter to English language classes.” Re-read her story here.

Kim, Vichara and Srey

He Kheang manages 600 Kampot pepper trees. Her role is unusual in a male-dominated agriculture industry. She says, “My challenge is finding workers during the Kampot pepper harvest season. Since my husband passed away three years ago I am learning to manage the plantations.”

He Kheang

Srey below sews our upcycled Boston totes and leaf-inspired silk scarves. Her can-do attitude puts the sloths among us to shame, “My favorite job is making bags. A lot of people can do apparel. I want to do something other people can’t do, which is making bag patterns.”


Our statement clay necklaces come from a small, family run outfit where young ladies, some of them illiterate, are provided with fair wages, safe working environment and an opportunity to learn English language formally, at a daily morning class. Have you read about our clay necklaces?

Clay workshop

Our organic cotton and silk scarves are from Khamheung, now probably in her 70s, and her team of village weavers. She did not once dream the textiles she grew up weaving for domestic use are now amply supplementing nonexistent household incomes. Women now work from their safety of their own rural homes while juggling necessary familial duties. Re-read the story of our organic textiles here.


Would you choose to buy consciously and sustainably if you knew you would be casting a vote for the kind of world you want every time you spend money?

That world starts right here, with you.

The merchandise at 100 Good Things are sourced with care, consciousness and understanding. To purchase them, visit our showroom here.