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New moon, new beginnings - 100 Good Things

New moon, new beginnings

  • by 100 Good Things
  • June 1st, 2016
  • 2016, June
Yoga Phnom Penh
“These days, my practice is teaching me to embrace imperfection: to have compassion for all the ways things haven’t turned out as I planned, in my body and in my life – for the ways things keep falling apart, and failing, and breaking down. It’s less about fixing things, and more about learning to be present for exactly what is.”
Anne Cushman

So many things have unfolded since our last e-newsletter. We did not expect the velocity – and ferocity – of the river we were traveling on. The good news is we went with the flow.

You bet it’s been a hell of a ride.

We let go of our physical store and are transiting online. We expect to open for business again next month or so. Or. So. Because despite the best planning, life happens and we get sidetracked. Doors close and open. We shift accordingly.

Life kind of fell apart and in place simultaneously. Everything clicked, as they were meant to be.

The incredible spinal twist Marichyasana C does not happen from sheer brute force. It requires one to soften considerably so shift can happen.

We actually have not been able to access the computer for over a week now. Just call it incredible tech trouble. This blog has to be done on another machine from a bygone dinosaur age.

All universe asks of us is to surrender and not resist change. We did not fancy feeling stuck and we wished the answer – and change – would come swiftly. Yet in our yoga practice, we know life’s myriad challenges require us to dig into the well of placidity within. To step back instead of bulldozing ahead. To tune into the teacher within. To trust that voice, however radical it may appear to be, despite being intimidated by the deafening noise outside. To have faith that there is a power bigger than us that is in control and has just the perfect plan for those whose hearts and minds are ready to receive.

A big heartfelt thank you for making a point to visit our Balestier Hill store. We appreciate your support for our work toward more equality.

Every single conscious purchase goes to empower the artisan, farmer, another sentient being. Ultimately everything comes around because our lives are interconnected.

Our work is far from done. See you online again, very soon, and we still want to chat in person. Please visit us this Saturday at Artisan & Farmers Market.

Kitchen by Food Rebel


The merchandise at 100 Good Things are sourced with care, consciousness and understanding.


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