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Rhythm of life - 100 Good Things

Rhythm of life

  • by 100 Good Things
  • May 5th, 2015
  • 2015, May

I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner, seeking a life of balance by eating mindfully, moving consciously, living in the power of present. During a recent trip to the countryside two hours’ drive from the city of Vientiane, I saw how another community embraced the rhythm of life without forethought and it appeared, nary a struggle.

Women in this village were fulltime caregivers who juggled myriad tasks, from selling and farming to house chores and childcare. Chiefly, in between the above tasks, they found time to be at the family owned hand loom, weaving beautifully delicate scarves that would later line the shelves of shops in the city. There were days when a family member was taken ill and the multitasking mother had to put her life on hold in order to attend to the needs of the ailing one. Or another menial but necessary task would require her immediate attention and she had to abandon everything to see to the matter.

The piece of textile, handwoven midway, sat forlorn on the loom while she busied herself with motherly duties. Return to the loom she would, whenever she found pockets of time. Effortlessly she retreated and reconnected with these worlds at her own pace. These women merely went along with the rhythm of life, embracing its ebb and flow, neither resisting nor dissenting. Weaving another shawl could wait. The conscious shopper understands the carefully woven fabric she’s buying does not come from a factory floor that operates a punishing schedule.

I found myself in awe of the wisdom that comes from flowing with the rhythm of life. The serenity that comes from the cessation of the race, being at peace with what life might bring. The hardworking weaver reminded me how I can take my yoga practice off the mat, into the world.

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