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Seesaw here, seesaw there - 100 Good Things

Seesaw here, seesaw there

  • by 100 Good Things
  • June 30th, 2015
  • 2015, June
Organically grown cotton; colors derived from nature

Organically grown cotton; colors derived from nature

I was in the middle of Bakasana, or crane pose, at a recent yoga class when my good teacher decided to start the ball of arm balances rolling. I had an epiphany when she started talking about the nuances of Mayurasana, or peacock pose. I was struggling to lift like the graceful bird and pretty much tightened every single muscle I knew that was there. I froze at the hips like I always do when it’s time to go upside down on the mat.

She, ever so cool as a cat, walked around the terribly strained bodies in the room, then sagely said, “The best way to put it is the seesaw effect.” Exasperated from trying, I uncoiled my legs, or rather toppled out of my lotus position, and listened so I can uncover the secret to the superhuman feat.

As one end of the teeterboard goes up, the other goes down. Instead of forcing a stability, balance can be achieved simply by going with the flow of the seesaw. One end of the plank swings up, the other end goes down. Forget trying to find equilibrium in symmetry. Lower your forehead to the ground so your legs can lift.

Sounds laughably logical. Like the man who mocks a million-dollar painting his own child could have painted. The obvious can be so painfully obscured.

The Seesaw Theory puts balance in a, well, balanced light. By allowing myself to yield, albeit seemingly disproportionately, I can progress. As I am constantly curating the offerings at 100 Good Things, I am learning the merchandise balance I seek will come from simply relaxing and moving with the seesaw. I know for sure my arm balances will go off-kilter if I become too hung up on holding equilibrium.

Balance, and all is coming.

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